This is a question that everyone will ask themselves at some point during the recovery period. After rhinoplasty surgery the nose will look “puffy” and feel “spongy”. Surgical swelling can last in the nose for up to 12 months. The nasal tip will not show its true definition until all of the swelling is gone and the nasal skin has shrink wrapped to the new framework. Controlling postoperative swelling and hastening the removal of surgical edema are two very important challenges in rhinoplasty.

One of the most important ways to reduce the duration of rhinoplasty swelling is to minimize it from occurring. After rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego Dr. Kolstad places a cast over the nose to act as a compression splint. Placing gentle pressure on the nasal skin prevents fluid from accumulating. Dr. Kolstad advises all of his patients to use ice on the cheeks, forehead and skin surrounding the nose for the first 48 hours after surgery. Cold compresses will also minimize the amount of swelling to the nasal skin.

After the rhinoplasty splint is removed Dr. Kolstad will instruct his patients on how to perform nasal exercises. Using the thumb and forefinger the edema is gently pressed out of the nasal skin. Only modest pressure is required and forceful compression may actually do more harm than good. Nasal exercises are recommended for two weeks after the cast is removed.

And finally, following rhinoplasty surgery regular visits to our La Jolla (San Diego) plastic surgery office are essential in achieving natural rhinoplasty results. Dr. Kolstad uses dilute steroid injections to remove the swelling in areas of delayed resorption. Dr. Kolstad will continue to refine and contour your nose using injectable medicines for up to a year after surgery. The work of a perfectionist is never complete and our patients appreciate attention to detail.

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