Are you researching doctors for facial fillers like Juvederm in San Diego? At Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery we offer a full range facial injectables including Restylane, Voluma, Vollure and others. With so many clinics and practices injecting Restylane in San Diego, why choose Dr. Kolstad?

Philosophy: How Is Dr. Kolstad Different?

Dr. Kolstad is a specialist who’s entire practice is dedicated to the rejuvenation and enhancement of the face and neck. All fillers are the same but the results are not. There is an art to facial rejuvenation. Standard applications of Voluma or Juvederm can lead to flat results which do not create the desired visual impact. Just finding the cheapest Restylane in San Diego does not always lead to the best deal. Why would you trust your face to anyone who is not an expert?

Two of our most popular treatment areas are cheek fillers and lip augmentation.  Voluma cheek enhancement can make round cheeks more angular creating a shapely curvature.  If you are looking for before and after pictures of Juvederm lip injections  in San Diego check out our gallery here. We have hundreds of before and after pictures demonstrating elegant improvements and most important natural results.

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1) Restore Lost Cheek Volume

One of the most popular treatments for our patients in San Diego is Voluma cheek enhancement. Dr. Kolstad applies injectable fillers to three different areas of the midface to create a unique cheek appearance. Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse and Sculptra can all be used to restore full, youthful appearing cheeks. The amount of volume needed, the area of the face and the thinness of the skin will dictate which injectable filler is best for cheek augmentation. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve you may be a better candidate for central cheek, lateral cheek or infracheek enhancement.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

i) Central Cheek Augmentation

: many patients are happy with their cheek bone structure and prefer to add volume to the central cheek. This restores the apple in the cheek and creates a youthful, round cheek mound. Adding volume to the central cheek can also improve under eye hollowing or eye bags.

Good filler options for central cheek augmentation:

Allergan products:  Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure.

Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Lift, Restylane Refine, Restylane Define, Restylane Silk, Sculptra.

Merz aethetics products:  Radiesse.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for central cheek augmentation:  None, all products work well for central cheek augmentation.


*Individual Results May Vary.

ii) Lateral Cheek Augmentation

: a second type of cheek augmentation is adding volume to the soft tissue above the cheek bone. This type of cheek augmentation is similar to cheek implants and is designed to create a sculpted look, most noticeable on oblique view.  People that have flat cheek bones or midface hypoplasia are good candidates for this type of cheek augmentation.  The highpoint of the cheek should be above the zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) and creates a heart-shaped cheek of youth.

Good filler options for lateral cheek augmentation:

Allergan products:  Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure.

Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Lift, Restylane Refine, Restylane Define, Restylane Silk.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for lateral cheek augmentation: Sculptra and Radiesse.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

iii) Infracheek Augmentation

: as we age we lose volume and fat underneath the zygomatic (cheek) bone.  This can create a hollowed and gaunt appearance.  Sometimes a sculpted cheek appearance can look overdone if there is too much hollowing under the cheek bone.  To address lower cheek hollowing volume is added to the soft tissue above and under the zygomatic bone.  By adding roundness to a hollowed area the cheeks appear fuller and more youthful.  This type of cheek augmentation requires multiple syringes and is frequently best treated using in-office facial fat transfer.

Good filler options for infracheek cheek augmentation:

Allergan products:  Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure.

Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Lift, Restylane Refine, Restylane Define, Restylane Silk, Sculptra.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for infracheek augmentation:  Radiesse.

Pictured: In-office nonsurgical facial fat transfer to infracheek hollows. 

2) Smile Lines

Smile lines are a result of volume loss and shadowing in the nasolabial and melolabial folds. The nasolabial folds run from the corner of the nostril to the mouth in an oblique line.  Shadowing in the nasolabial folds can make the face appear drawn and tired. The melolabial folds as commonly called marionette lines. Deep melolabial folds create shadows at the corners of the mouth and can convey sadness or a negative emotional state. Smile lines respond to a number of different injectable fillers:

filler for smile lines san diego

*Individual Results May Vary.

Good filler options for very superficial smile lines:

Allergan products: Volbella. Galderma products: Restylane Silk

Good filler options for moderate depth smile lines:

Allergan products: Juvederm, Vollure. Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Refine.

Good filler options for very deep smile lines:

Allergan products:  Voluma. Galderma products:  Restylane Lift, Restylane Define, Sculptra.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for smile lines:  Radiesse.

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3) Lip Augmentation

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Easily our most popular injectable service is lip augmentation.  Full, luscious lips are a very flattering feature for many women. Conversely, having very fine, thin lips can artificially age the face. Achieving a perfectly natural result is the most important goal for every treatment Dr. Kolstad offers.  Lip enhancement requires an artistic application and an eye for detail. Uneven injection of fillers can lead to lumpy, palpable knots or an over-inflated appearance.  There are different types of lip implants or lip lift surgeries available for patients seeking longer lasting results.  For the majority of our patients injectable fillers offer a minimally invasive solution to achieve their ideal lip shape and volume.

Good filler options for lip augmentation: Allergan products: Volbella, Juvederm.  Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Silk.
Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for lip augmentation: Voluma,  Restylane Lift, Restylane Define, Sculptra and Radiesse.

 See our Lip Filler San Diego page or Lip Injections Before & Afters for more information.

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

 4) Tear Troughs (Under Eye Filler In San Diego)

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*Individual Results May Vary.

Dr. Kolstad frequently comments “When the eyes look tired, everything looks tired”.  By far the most powerful feature on your face is your eyes.  Under eye bags, tired eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, all convey the same message: a tired, sleep-deprived appearance. Are you tired of people asking you “Are you tired”?  Eyelid bags or puffiness are typically from lower eyelid fat.  As lower eyelid fat pushes outward it creates a bulge under they eyelid.  Underneath the bulge a depression is created casting a shadow.  Make-up and concealers do not cover shadows.

Volume correction to the tear trough, lateral orbit, central cheek and midface are required to blend in eye bags.   Volume must be added to a wide distribution for the eyes to look perfectly natural.  Focusing all of the volume in one area, the tear trough for example, leads to an unnatural, over-filled appearance.

For many of our patients requesting under eye filler Dr. Kostad advises them that correcting the central cheek is frequently required as well.  The nasjojugal groove (tear trough) runs inferiorly into a central cheek depression.  Sometimes by filling the central cheek the tear trough improves sufficiently without even needing filler. Many of our patients that present for lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are surprised to find out they are good candidates for under eye filler.  Dr. Kolstad is a Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in both surgical and nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation.  He will help guide you to determine if you are a better candidate for injectable fillers or surgery.

Dr. Kolstad uses microcanulas to apply injectables to the eyelid and cheek areas.  Microcanulas are a new way of distributing filler in a significantly safer and less traumatic way.  After switching to microcanulas Dr. Kolstad has seen significantly less bruising around the eyes after treatments.  The results have improved so significantly that he rarely offers needle injections around the eyes.

Good filler options for tear troughs and under eyes: Allergan products:  Vollure and Volbella.  Galderma products:  Restylane and Restylane Silk.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for tear troughs and under eyes:   Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane Lift,  Restylane Define, Sculptra, Belotero and Radiesse.

5) Smokers Lines (fine creases around the mouth)

Fine wrinkling around the mouth is termed perioral rhytids. More commonly these wrinkles are referred to as lipstick lines or smoker lines. Dr. Kolstad typically advises his patients that lipstick lines tend to be some of the most challenging wrinkles on the face to correct.  For most patients, a realistic goal is to make the lines softer or less deep rather than erasing them completely. The challenge and art of correcting lipstick lines are to improve the rhytids without adding too much volume to the upper lip and creating a “Marge Simpson look”.

Juvederm to lipstick lines San Diego 10 copy

Newer HA fillers are thinner and tend to work best for the very superficial lines.  Dr. Kolstad’s filler preference is currently Volbella.  When placed appropriately a few units of Botox can improve the upper lip creasing as well.    Deep wrinkles around the mouth respond best to skin resurfacing methods like microneedling, CO2 lasers and dermabrasion.

Good filler options for very superficial lipstick  lines:

Allergan products: Volbella. Galderma products: Restylane Silk.

Pictured: Combination of Botox and Juvederm to the upper lip wrinkles (lipstick lines). 

Injectable Fillers Placed By A Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

6) Liquid Rhinoplasty

*Individual Results May Vary.

One of the newest and most versatile applications of fillers is used for nasal contouring.   Injectable rhinoplasty is the ideal solution for someone looking to avoid the cost or downtime of surgery.  Unheard of only a decade ago liquid rhinoplasty has become an essential part of our practice.  Before jumping into liquid rhinoplasty it is important to know that the nose is one of the perilous places to inject facial fillers. Injectable rhinoplasty should only be performed by an expert. There are many arteries that supply blood to the nose and surrounding skin. Dr. Kolstad’s experience as a rhinoplasty surgeon helps him to achieve desired outcomes and avoid catastrophic complications.

The following changes can frequently be achieved with injectable rhinoplasty:

  • Adding height to an underprojected bridge.
  • Straightening a bridge hump on profile view.
  • Straightening a crooked bridge on front view.
  • Filling an asymmetric nasal tip.
  • Filling a nasal tip cleft.

Features Dr. Kolstad believes are better changed with surgery:

liquid rhinoplasty san diego 3

*Individual Results May Vary.

  • Nasal tip rotation
  • Nasal tip projection.
  • Nasal tip narrowing and refinements.
  • Functional nasal breathing obstructions.

Good filler options for liquid rhinoplasty:

Allergan products:  Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure.

Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Lift, Restylane Refine, Restylane Define, Restylane Silk.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for injectable rhinoplasty:  Radiesse, Sculptra.

7) Liquid Chin Augmentation

Chin filler in San Diego is easy completed in the office with minimal downtime.  Injectable chin filler is a nonsurgical way of adding volume and size to the chin.  Liquid chinplasty can achieve similar outcomes to chin implant surgery and in many cases actually lead to a more natural and superior result. Dr. Kolstad applies injectable fillers to three different areas of the chin and jawline. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve you may be a better candidate for central chin filler, lateral chin or chin dimple augmentation. The location, duration and amount of volume needed will dictate which injectable filler is best for you. Dr. Kolstad’s most common chin filler is Voluma.

i) Central chin augmentation


*Individual Results May Vary.

Injectable fillers are added to the midline and central chin to increase chin projection: The changes are most noticeable on profile view. The goal is to bring the chin into balance with the lips, nose and forehead. The submental space (under the chin) appears longer and more feminine by increasing projection of the chin.  For some necks the combination of liposuction with liquid chin augmentation can create a beautiful neckline.

ii) Lateral chin (prejowl) augmentation


*Individual Results May Vary.

Fillers added to the soft tissue on either side of the chin can reverse signs of aging. Jowls are the result of facial soft tissue descending into the neck.  Heavy jowls require face lifting surgeries to correct. Early descent and small jowls can be camouflaged by filling the prejowl soft tissue.  Filling prejowl depressions straightens the jawline and makes the face appear tighter and more youthful.

iii)  Chin dimple correction

A strong dimple in the central chin can create a very masculine appearance.  Men can choose implants specifically designed to create a deep chin cleft.  Dimples are the result of a split in the mentalis muscles.  For people without chin dimples the right and left mentalis muscles attach midline creating a uniform appearance.  When the mentalis muscles do not meet in the middle a depression is created causing a chin dimple.  If you would like to fill erase your chin dimple injectable fillers are an ideal solution.  Easy to place, minimal downtime and improved symmetry are the results.

Good filler options for liquid chin augmentation:

Allergan products:  Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure.

Galderma products:  Restylane, Restylane Lift, Restylane Refine, Restylane Define, Restylane Silk.

Dr. Kolstad does not use the following products for liquid chin augmentation:  Sculptra.

See our Chin Augmentation page or Chin Augmentation gallery for more information on surgical chin augmentation.


Most injectable fillers last one to two years.  Injectables are charged by syringe and for people requiring multiple syringes the cost adds up very quickly.  Facial fat grafting offers natural, from your own body volume replacement.  Rather than charging for each syringe facial fat transfer is billed per session.  Most of our facial fat transfers add 10-15 mLs (in-office small session) to 15-30 mLs (large volume surgical) of volume. For patients requiring more than 5 syringes of volume correction Dr. Kolstad recommends facial fat transfer as a more economical solution.

How does facial fat transfer work?  Unwanted fat is removed from the abdominal, thigh or hip areas. After cleaning and purifying the fat cells are grafted into facial areas deficient in volume. When expertly grafted into the lips, cheeks, temples and face, fat transfer creates a fuller, healthier, more youthful look. Because the fat is harvested from your own body it is naturally incorporated into the face producing long-lasting results.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

Cheek Volume Correction: As we age the midface and cheeks lose volume creating a deflated and drawn appearance. Expensive lifting procedures and surgical implants can now be avoided by using nonsurgical fat transfer.

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