10-12 days off of work is recommended to recover from surgery.

On the business day prior to the operation we ask you to call to confirm your arrival time for surgery.
Do not bring valuables (cash, credit cards, watches, jewelry, etc.) on the day of surgery. Remove all makeup and nail polish before arriving for your procedure.

It is essential that someone be available to drive you home, and that person is able to spend the evening of surgery with you. It is California law that every patient be monitored for a period of twenty-four hours following surgery. This person does not have to have any nursing experience, just an interest in your welfare. While you spend the day at rest, your helper will fix soft food for your lunch and dinner, assist in applying the cold compresses to your eyes, walk you to the bathroom and just be near if you should require anything.

You may not eat or drink after midnight the evening before the procedure unless instructed otherwise. This includes all food, liquids, water, candy, mints or gum.

Clothing- A scarf can be worn to camouflage a soft bandage that surrounds the cheeks, ears and upper face. Wear a loose dress, or slacks and a blouse. You must not wear anything that pulls over the head or face.

It is imperative to refrain from tobacco products for one week prior and three weeks following surgery. If smoking is continued during these periods there is a significant risk of skin necrosis and sloughing.
It is recommended that you purchase thick cover-up make-up prior to your procedure. In some instances this may be useful to camouflage bruising or redness after surgery.


At your preoperative appointment you will provided with all of the instructions for you to follow before and after surgery. During this appointment you will also be given all of the prescriptions necessary for the recovery period. You should fill these prescriptions prior to the date of surgery. We will also ask you to obtain an antibiotic ointment and saline water for use following surgery.

Please avoid any aspirin, aspirin-containing products, or ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve, etc.) for one week prior to and two weeks following your surgery. See our “Medication List” for products to avoid prior to and immediately following surgery. If you are on any medications that affect bleeding (such as coumadin or warfarin) please notify the office immediately.

Please avoid herbal supplements for 10 days prior to surgery, including and especially fish oil, ginseng and garlic.

We ask that you remain on your daily medications unless instructed otherwise. At the preoperative appointment, you will be told which daily medications to take with just a sip of water on the morning of surgery.

Postoperative medication checklist

1. Antibiotic (Keflex, Clindamycin)
2. Pain reliever (vicodin, percocet)
3. Medrol Dose Pack
4. Saline water: purchased over the counter
5. Antibiotic ointment: purchased over the counter
6. Arnica (a natural herb that significantly decreases bruising): purchased over the counter