Dr. Kolstad is a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who helps restore facial appearance for patients who have had tissue removed as part of the Mohs procedure.


After your Mohs surgeon has determined that the area is cancer-free, he or she will give the green light for reconstructive surgery. Smaller sized defects can be repaired in Dr. Kolstad’s office, typically lasting between one and two hours. Larger, more complicated defects may require a more extensive procedure performed in the operating room.

Prior to removal of the skin cancer it is often beneficial to meet with Dr. Kolstad. At this initial consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss multiple treatment options. Pros and cons of each treatment strategy will be described in detail. This also is a good opportunity to address any of your concerns and to ask questions.

Dr. Kolstad has helped countless patients by repairing the defects created by Mohs cancer removal. He is able to draw from his extensive reconstructive and aesthetic surgical experience to give his patients functional and natural-looking reconstructive results.


Lesions that appear very small to the eye can sometimes have microscopic extensions over a larger area. A skin cancer that appears to be 5mm in size can sometimes lead to a defect that is 3-5 times larger after complete removal. Many Mohs surgeons can estimate the need for a reconstructive surgeon prior to removal of the skin cancer, but the size of the defect is not always as predictable as we would hope.
The answer depends on the size and location of the lesion. A Mohs surgeon is a highly trained dermatologic surgeon that specializes in removing cancerous cells while leaving healthy tissue intact. This technique takes years of specialized training to learn and perform. Depending on the size and location of the defect, your Mohs surgeon may also elect to reconstruct the area.

Large and complicated defects are frequently referred to Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons like Dr. Kolstad. Given the complexity of the reconstruction it is frequently in the patients best interest to repair the tissue the day after removal.

Many of our patients do not complain of significant discomfort, with the majority using only Tylenol as needed. Prescription pain medicine is made available to you and we recommend that you have it available in case it is needed.

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