BEFORE & AFTERS – Juvederm Cheek Filler San Diego

Are you looking for Voluma cheek fillers in San Diego?  Do you want to know what cheek fillers look like?  Watch  Dr. Kolstad perform a microcanula Juvederm cheek augmentation on his San Diego patient.  View before and afters for cheek augmentation and a video demonstration.

For this patient, Dr. Kolstad performed a variety of treatments to add definition to the cheeks, midface, lips, chin and jawline.  Her treatments were completed through a number of sessions over a long period of time. This was not a Friday morning to Friday morning twenty minutes later transformation.  To create balance Dr. Kolstad added volume to both the cheeks and jawline.

Cheek Augmentation Video Demonstration

Watch Dr. Kolstad inject Juvederm Vollure to this patients cheeks using his microcanula technique. To create a natural transition Dr. Kolstad added microdroplets to the three areas of the cheek: central, lateral and infracheek hollows.

Treatment Sites:

1) Lateral Cheek: this type of cheek augmentation is similar to cheek implants and is designed to create a sculpted look, most noticeable on the three quarters view.  People that have flat cheek bones or midface hypoplasia are good candidates for this type of cheek augmentation.  The high point of the cheek should be above the zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) and creates a heart-shaped cheek of youth.

2) Central Cheek: this restores the apple in the cheek and creates a youthful, round cheek mound. Adding volume to the central cheek can also improve under eye bags or puffiness.

3) Infracheek Hollows: as we age we lose the soft tissue volume under the cheek bone.  This accentuates the zygoma one (cheek bone) but can also lead to hollowing.  Sometimes a sculpted cheek appearance can look overdone if there is too much hollowing under the cheek bone.  To address lower cheek hollowing volume is added to the soft tissue above and under the zygomatic bone.  By adding roundness to a hollowed area the cheeks appear fuller and more youthful.

Jawline Recontouring With Microcanula Technique

Treatment Sites:

4) Lateral Jawline: many of Dr. Kolstad’s patients in San Diego are looking for jawline enhancements.  A strong shadow defining the separation of the face and neck is a very youthful feature.  As we age the separation weakens and the face and neck tend to blend together.

5) Prejowl Augmentation: the lateral chin soft issue is also called the prejowl area.  Central chin augmentation almost always requires extending the filler laterally. If the central chin is augmented without the lateral chin it can create a shadow in the jowl area and an age related feature.

6) Chin Augmentation: Dr. Kolstad performs both surgical and nonsurgical chin augmentation in San Diego.  Adding volume to the central chin creates elongates the submental (under the chin) distance.  A youthful neckline has a long submental distance extending from the chin to the neck.

*Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

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Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon