Deep creases around the mouth are without a doubt the most difficult to treat rhytids (wrinkles) on the face. Even with the best technology available, multiple treatments using several modalities are typically required for a complete correction.

That being said, the best treatment for deep creases around the mouth is prevention. Daily sunscreen combined with daily Retin-A are the most affordable and also two of the most effective preventative measures.

The ever growing number of chemical peels available can be confusing to patients as well as doctors. Common superficial peels include Obaji, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, <20% TCA, and Glycerol. The advantages of superficial peels is that they are very affordable and have little if any downtime. They can be applied without the presence of a doctor or anesthesia. The downside of superficial peels is that they require multiple treatments, usually every 2-4 months to produce a meaningful result.

I will outline a few strategies for consideration. The actual price will depend on the geography of the practice as well as the training of the provider. I have included average numbers for different treatments.

A. Very fine creases that are beginning to develop around the mouth can frequently be improved using a variety of treatments. Smokers lines caused by hyperactive muscles can be softened using a small amount of Botox. The remaining creases can be smoothed using an injectable filler.

1. Botox x 12 units ($200)
2. Juvederm x 1 syringe ($600)
3. Retin-A ($75)

lipstick line treatment
B. Medium-depth creases respond well to 30-35% TCA peels or CO2 lasers. Lasers are a little more effective then medium strength chemical peels. CO2 lasers are expensive for doctors to buy and will consequently cost more then peels.

1. 30-35% TCA peel ($2,000-$4,000)
2. CO2 laser ($4,000-$6,000)

C. Very deep smokers lines are difficult to treat. Complete correction frequently requires both resurfacing and dermal fillers. Deep creases respond well to dermabrasion or phenol chemical peels. Both of these treatment typically require sedation in a surgical setting. The remaining fine creases can be softened using a dermal filler.

1. Full face resurfacing + dermabrasion under anesthesia ($6,000)
2. Full face phenol chemical peel under anesthesia ($6,000)

lipstick line treatment

As you can see, there are a variety of treatments available for lipstick lines. The more effective treatments will have a substantial increase in cost. And remember, two of the most effective and cheapest treatments are sunscreen and Retin-A.

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