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Case #16.

A common complaint of many rhinoplasty patients is a convex bridge, most obvious from the side view. This patient wanted a rhinoplasty to correct the curvature of her nose and create a smoother, more feminine slope to her bridge. She also wanted to add projection to her chin to improve her profile and balance her nose.

Dr. Kolstad believes the best results are natural-looking results. For many patients, it is necessary to combine different procedures to create an aesthetic balance of their features. Performing a rhinoplasty with a chin augmentation is an excellent way to balance one’s lower face and dramatically improve the appearance of one’s profile.

Image Captions:

1) Rhinoplasty San Diego 5511: Rhinoplasty complimented with chin augmentation to create a beautiful, feminine profile.

2) Rhinoplasty San Diego 5513: A perfectly natural, elegant result.

3) Rhinoplasty San Diego 5515: A properly fitted chin implant can rebalance the entire lower third of the face.

4) San Diego Rhinoplasty 733: Healed rhinoplasty incisions.

dorsal hump reduction before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon