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Many patients have a prominent hump on the bridge of their nose that is most visible from the side view. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can reduce the prominence of the dorsal hump to smooth and straighten the nasal bridge, bringing the nose in balance with other facial features and dramatically improving the appearance of the profile. While female patients can benefit from either a straight bridge or a bridge with a slight curvature, male noses are most aesthetically pleasing with a straight bridge.

Removing the dorsal hump is a complex cosmetic procedure and it is important to find a surgeon with a substantial level of training and expertise with rhinoplasty. Dr. Kolstad is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Diego who specializes in dorsal hump reduction. He has many years of experience correcting dorsal hump deformities and creating beautifully refined nasal bridges.

Every nose is different and it is important to choose a surgeon who appreciates your unique facial anatomy and takes the time to understand your specific needs and goals. Dr. Kolstad recognizes that San Diego has an incredibly diverse community with people from every part of the world, and he specializes in achieving beautiful results that match each patient’s unique features and ethnic background.

At your consultation, Dr. Kolstad will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and goals for rhinoplasty. With his artistic eye and expert understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Kolstad will use advanced imaging technology to computer enhance your nose to visually communicate the potential changes he can accomplish through surgery.

The best way to understand Dr. Kolstad’s goals for dorsal hump reduction is by studying his results. We have hundreds of before-and-after photos in our galleries and we invite you to study them.

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Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation

rhinoplasty san diego

Case #1.

Many patients in San Diego come to Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery to improve the appearance of their profile. This patient wanted to remove the large hump from the bridge of her nose. She also wanted to add definition to her underprojected chin.

By combining her rhinoplasty with a chin implant augmentation, Dr. Kolstad achieved natural-looking results that dramatically enhanced this patient’s profile and improved her overall facial harmony.

Nose Job for High Radix in San Diego CA

middle eastern rhinoplasty san diego

Case #4.

This patient wanted to see a top rhinoplasty surgeon in San Diego. She disliked the excessively high bridge of her nose because she believed it made her nose appear too large. She wanted to remove the hump and create a smaller bridge that fit her face.

Dr. Kolstad specializes in Middle Eastern rhinoplasty and has many years of experience achieving beautiful results that match each individual’s unique facial anatomy and ethnic features.

Natural Hump Removal Rhinoplasty La Jolla

Case #7.

This patient believed her large dorsal hump made her nose appear too large for her face and desired a smaller, more feminine bridge. She wanted to achieve natural-looking results that improved the balance between her nose and the rest of her features.

Dr. Kolstad has advanced training and expertise in Hispanic rhinoplasty. Contact our office today to set up a consultation and get more information about dorsal hump removal and nose job cost in San Diego.

mexican rhinoplasty san diego

Case #11.

Mexican rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Kolstad’s most common procedures. As one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego, Dr. Kolstad has many years of experience creating beautiful noses that match each patient’s unique ethnic features.

This patient disliked the bump on her nose, especially from the profile view. She wanted to refine the bridge of her nose so it has a more natural and elegant transition to the tip of her nose.

San Diego Nose Job and Chin Surgery

rhinoplasty san diego

Case #16.

This patient wanted a nose job in San Diego to correct her convex bridge. She disliked the large size of her nose and wanted a more feminine shape. She also believed her under projected chin was out of proportion with her nose, especially from the profile view. Combining a rhinoplasty with a chin augmentation is an excellent strategy to enhance your profile and improve overall facial harmony. Dr. Kolstad will work with you to tailor a plan that specifically targets your concerns and goals!

Natural Rhinoplasty Before & Afters San Diego

nose job san diego

Case #20.

One of the most common requests for nose jobs in San Diego is to remove a bump from the bridge of the nose. This patient did not like how her dorsal hump made her nose appear too prominent from the profile view. She wanted a nose job to contour the bridge of her nose to create a smoother, more feminine transition. Her goal was to achieve natural results that did not look “overdone” or “plastic”.

Bridge Hump Removal Nose Job San Diego

ethnic rhinoplasty san diego

Case #23.

This patient believed her nose was too large and out of proportion compared to her other features. She wanted to remove the large bump on her nose and contour her bridge to add more definition to her nose.

Dr. Kolstad used an open rhinoplasty approach to sculpt the bridge of her nose so it has a smoother, more elegant transition to her nasal tip. Dr. Kolstad sees many patients of Hispanic ethnicity and specializes in achieving natural results that rejuvenate the overall appearance of their nose and face.


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