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Case #4.

This patient was looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in La Jolla to enhance the shape and appearance of her nose. She did not like how the large hump on the bridge made her nose look too large from the profile view. She also did not like her excessively high radix (area of the bridge between the eyes), as it made her nose appear long and continuous with her forehead. She felt like the bridge of her nose was too dominant and drew attention from her other features. She wanted to achieve natural rhinoplasty results that better complemented her facial features.

Dr. Kolstad sees many Middle Eastern patients in his practice and has extensive experience achieving beautiful rhinoplasty results that perfectly match his patient’s  unique ethnic features. During her rhinoplasty, Dr. Kolstad sculpted the bridge of her nose to create a more feminine curvature. Dr. Kolstad also reduced her high radix to an appropriate height that improved the balance between her nose and the rest of her face. These subtle changes to this patient’s nose that were created during her rhinoplasty surgery created a very natural appearing result that is consistent with her Middle Eastern background.

Image Captions:

1) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 457: Middle Eastern noses come in all shapes and sizes.  Dr. Kolstad creates results that not only fits your face but your background as well.

2) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 459: A high radix (bone between the eyes) is one of the most challenging areas to reshape.   Technically complicated techniques are best left to rhinoplasty specialists.

3) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 460: Elegant, natural and never overdone.

4) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 461: When done right, rhinoplasty should look perfectly natural.

dorsal hump reduction before after

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