PHOTO GALLERY – Rhinoplasty To Make Wide Nose More Skinny


Case #12.

Dr. Kolstad is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego and he specializes in achieving beautiful results for Hispanic rhinoplasty patients with wide noses. This patient came to Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery because she wanted to improve the shape of her nose. She did not like how her nose lacked contour from the front view and appeared too flat from the profile view.

San Diego is an incredibly diverse community and Dr. Kolstad sees rhinoplasty patients from all over the world in his practice. While many rhinoplasty surgeons will use the same techniques for every face, Dr. Kolstad believes that the key to achieving natural-looking results requires customizing each surgery to match each patient’s unique facial features and distinct ethnic characteristics.

During surgery, Dr. Kolstad created cartilage grafts to reshape and recontour the patient’s nose. Using a diced rib cartilage graft added height to the bridge, which made her nose appear more refined and slender.

Image Captions:

1) Hispanic Rhinoplasty San Diego 564: Different ethnicities require different rhinoplasty strategies. Dr. Kolstad will customize your surgery to match your features making sure it fits your ethnicity.

2) Best Rhinoplasty San Diego 756: Dr. Kolstad used crushed rib cartilage (DCG) to add height to the bridge. The tip of the nose was pushed outwards to add projection. Did you know the nose could be made bigger and more beautiful at the same time?

wide nose rhinoplasty before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon