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Patients with wider noses often complain that their nose appears too large for their face and draws attention away from their other beautiful facial features. A wide bridge can be corrected and brought into proportion with the rest of the face through rhinoplasty. During surgery, the nasal bones are carefully sculpted to give them a slimmer contour and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the nose.

It is challenging to perform a rhinoplasty to narrow a wide nose, and it is important to find a surgeon who has extensive training and experience with complex bone remodeling and cartilage grafting for broader nasal bridges. Dr. Kolstad is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Diego who specializes in rhinoplasty for wide noses. He is well-known for his natural, artistic approach and advanced surgical techniques that transform wide noses into a more slender and refined shape.

Every face is unique and Dr. Kolstad understands the importance of customizing each rhinoplasty to achieve beautiful results that match each patient’s unique features and ethnic background. The goals of rhinoplasty are simple: to enhance one’s natural facial features and refine the nose to bring it into balance with the rest of your face. Achieving these goals is best performed by a specialist with extensive experience with rhinoplasty and an advanced understanding of facial anatomy.

At your consultation, Dr. Kolstad will take the time to listen to and understand your concerns regarding the appearance of your nose. He will use medical imaging software to illustrate potential changes to your nose that can be accomplished with surgery. While viewing the computer enhanced images, you will have the opportunity to request alterations and changes you would like to see to make sure this is the right nose for you!

The best way to understand Dr. Kolstad’s goals for wide nose rhinoplasty is by studying his results. We have hundreds of before-and-after photos in our galleries and we invite you to study them.

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Wide Bridge Nose Job Results

rhinoplasty before and after la jolla top surgeon

Case #1.

This patient of Hispanic ethnicity believed her nose was too large and disproportionate with her other facial features. She did not like the wide bridge of her nose and wanted a more feminine shape.

Are you looking for a top rhinoplasty surgeon in La Jolla? Contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kolstad, who has extensive experience and expertise with achieving beautiful rhinoplasty results for wide noses.

Artistic Rhinoplasty for Wide Noses San Diego

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Case #4.

This patient believed her nose was out of balance with the rest of her face. She disliked her wide nose and wanted her nose to have a slender, contoured appearance. With his expert knowledge of facial anatomy and artistic surgery techniques, Dr. Kolstad is well known for his ability to achieve beautiful and natural-looking rhinoplasty results for patients with wide noses. Dr. Kolstad carefully narrowed the bridge of this patient’s nose to a more appropriate width for her facial structure.

 Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Before and After San Diego

san diego nose job

Case #8.

This patient wanted a rhinoplasty in La Jolla to improve the appearance of her nose. During her consultation, Dr. Kolstad used medical imaging technology to illustrate potential changes to her nose that can be accomplished through surgery. She decided that a narrower bridge with a more feminine curvature would be a better fit for her face. Her goal was to achieve a natural result that would no longer draw attention away from her other beautiful facial features.

Wide Bridge Fixed with Rhinoplasty

hispanic rhinoplasty san diego

Case #12.

This patient wanted to see the best nose surgeon in San Diego to improve the appearance of her wide nose. She did not like how the bridge of her nose lacked shape and structure from the front and profile views. She wanted a rhinoplasty to achieve a beautiful nose that fit her unique ethnic features.

African American Rhinoplasty Specialist

african american rhi

Case #15.

This patient wanted a nose job because she did not like the appearance of her nose. She believed the bridge of her nose and nostrils were too wide for her face. She was looking for a facial plastic surgeon in San Diego who specializes in African American rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kolstad has extensive knowledge and experience with the special techniques required for African American rhinoplasty. He customizes every patient’s surgery to ensure beautiful and natural results that retain the features unique to their ethnicity.


Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

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