PHOTO GALLERY – Deviated Bridge Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego


Case #12.

This patient wanted a revision rhinoplasty because she was not pleased with the results from her initial surgery. She did not like the deviation and convexity of her nasal bridge. She also did not like how the tip of her nose was over-rotated.

This patient required complex grafting using rib cartilage to help straighten her deviated bridge, adding structure and support to help improve both the appearance and function of her nose. Dr. Kolstad also recontoured the tip of her nose, rotating it to a more natural angle and tightening the columella.

Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures and requires a surgeon with exceptional expertise and experience with rhinoplasty. Dr. Kolstad specializes in revision rhinoplasty and believes in the importance of reshaping the nose in a natural, elegant way that balances your other features.

Image Captions:

1) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 100: Not entirely happy with the outcome of your nose surgery? Revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolstad can reshape your nose creating elegance and balance.

2) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 101: Six weeks after revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to rebuild the nose.

3) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 102: Revision rhinoplasty used to straighten the bridge and recontour the nasal tip. The tip of the nose was rotated downwards to a more natural angle and the columella was refined.

4) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 103: A natural, elegant result.

5) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 104: Six weeks after revision rhinoplasty. Rib cartilage was used to straighten a crooked bridge.

6) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 105: Revision surgery can take Dr. Kolstad up to six hours to complete depending on the complexity of the procedure.

crooked bridge rhinoplasty before after

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