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A crooked nose can arise from a wide variety of conditions ranging from congenital deformities to nasal trauma to prior surgeries. Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve both the functional and aesthetic concerns caused by a crooked nose.

Repairing a crooked nose is a difficult procedure that requires a surgeon with an exceptional level of training and expertise with nasal reconstruction. Dr. Kolstad is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Diego who specializes in nasal deviation surgery. He has many years of experience performing complex bone remodeling and cartilage grafting that is required to straighten prominent nasal deviations.

During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific concerns and goals with Dr. Kolstad. Using advanced imaging technology, Dr. Kolstad will computer enhance your nose to illustrate potential changes that can be accomplished with rhinoplasty.

The best way to understand Dr. Kolstad’s goals for crooked bridge rhinoplasty is by studying his results. We have hundreds of rhinoplasty before and after photos in our galleries and we invite you to study them.

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Male Crooked Bridge Rhinoplasty in La Jolla, CA

male rhinoplasty results for a crooked bridge

Case #1.

This patient wanted to fix his prominently deviated nose. He was looking for a rhinoplasty specialist in San Diego who could straighten the bridge of his nose to enhance its appearance and improve his breathing. It was important to him to achieve natural-looking results that do not look overdone and retain the strong, masculine characteristics of his nose.

Crooked Nose Surgery San Diego

rhinoplasty san diego

Case #4.

This patient wanted a rhinoplasty in San Diego to improve the appearance and function of her nose. She believed her deviated bridge drew attention away from her other beautiful facial features. She wanted to straighten her crooked bridge to achieve a more refined, feminine contour to her nose. She also had trouble breathing through her nose due to her prominent deviation.

rhinoplasty san diego

Case #7.

This patient did not like the appearance of her nose. She wanted a rhinoplasty to fix her deviated bridge and remove her dorsal hump to give her nose a straighter, more feminine shape.

Many patients seek out Dr. Kolstad’s advanced training and expertise in rhinoplasty. If you want to learn more about crooked bridge reconstruction and rhinoplasty cost, contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kolstad!

Deviated Bridge Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego

revision rhinoplasty san diego

Case #12.

Dr. Kolstad sees many patients who are unhappy with the results from their previous nose job. This patient wanted to refine her nose by straightening the bridge and reducing the dorsal bump.

Dr. Kolstad has extensive knowledge and many years of experience performing revision rhinoplasty in San Diego. He understands that it is essential to achieve natural-looking results that perfectly balance the nose with the rest of the face.


Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

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