PHOTO GALLERY – Bridge Hump Removal Nose Job San Diego


Case #23.

This La Jolla rhinoplasty patient believed her nose was too large for her face. She was most concerned with improving the bridge of her nose. She believed the bump made her nose appear excessively large from the side profile and wanted a straighter, more refined nasal bridge.

Many Hispanic noses have a hump on the bridge of the nose that is most prominent from the side view. It requires a surgeon with extensive training and skill to reduce the prominence of the hump and rebalance the overall appearance of the nose so that it is in harmony with the other facial features. Dr. Kolstad is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in La Jolla and he has many years of experience creating elegant nasal bridges for Hispanic rhinoplasty patients.

For this patient, Dr. Kolstad used an open rhinoplasty approach to remove the dorsal hump and sculpt the bridge into a more feminine contour that matches this patient’s face. Through rhinoplasty, Dr. Kolstad improved the overall appearance of her nose in a natural way that does not look plastic or overdone.

dorsal hump reduction before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon