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How Are Middle Eastern Noses Different From Those Of Other Ethnicities?


Persons of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent can have noses that appear to be elongated and overly prominent.  When examining a nose it is helpful to evaluate the individual subunits. Nasal Tip: Middle Eastern noses can have tips that [...]

How Are Middle Eastern Noses Different From Those Of Other Ethnicities?2020-04-30T18:05:14-07:00
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How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?


One of the first questions we get asked at Kolstad Hair Restoration is about the cost of a hair transplant.   The procedure fees are calculated based on the type of transplant, the length of time required and complexity of the [...]

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?2019-05-28T20:17:48-07:00
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How Can I Find the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?


One of the most important aspects of hair restoration is choosing the right surgeon. With the greater acceptance of hair transplant surgery, finding a qualified provider is easier then ever. It is important to do your homework as choosing right [...]

How Can I Find the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?2019-05-28T20:17:48-07:00
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What Are Hair Flaps?


The first procedures used to create a hairline were large rotational flaps.  Lamont’s double temporoparietal flap, the occipital flap and the Juri flap represent historical attempts to cover areas of baldness using hair bearing scalp. Hair flaps created a very [...]

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What Are Hair Plugs?


Hair restoration has evolved significantly from it's earliest attempts to treat male pattern baldness.  Round grafts represent the earliest form of hair transplants using grafting techniques.  Round grafts are groupings of 10-30 hairs placed using punch biopsies in the scalp. [...]

What Are Hair Plugs?2019-05-28T20:17:48-07:00
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