Rhinoplasty, San Diego, CAWe focus on facial services here at Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery, and with good reason. The face is made up of so many tiny bones and muscles that all come together to make your beautiful face. And we know that when treatments and surgeries aren’t done correctly, that can lead to an imbalanced look of the face. Even worse, we don’t want you to look like you’re a cookie cutter person. Our goal is to help you look your best and to give you natural-looking results that make you feel your best.

One of the most popular services we offer is a rhinoplasty. It makes sense: the nose can do so much to add or detract from the beauty of your face. If you are unhappy with your nose, we can help give you some feedback so you can learn more about what to do. A rhinoplasty can truly transform your face! Keep reading to learn more about this procedure.

What is a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, which is also known as a “nose job” or nose surgery, is a surgical procedure which alters the shape and/or size of the nose, and it can be used to treat or relieve certain breathing issues as well. There are many things that can be adjusted with nose surgery, such as a reduction or increase in the size of the nose, a reduction of the size of the nostrils, reshaping the tip or the bridge of the nose, or treatments that make the nose more symmetrical.

What Should You Expect from your Rhinoplasty?

Having realistic expectations is very important when it comes to rhinoplasty. If you want a celebrity’s nose on your face, you must realize that it will look different on you. Understanding the underlying structures of the nose which cannot be adjusted will also help you have realistic expectations for your procedure.

How Much will a Rhinoplasty Cost?

General rhinoplasty surgery is between $7,000-9,000 while more difficult, complex surgeries can cost $12,000-15,000. These numbers may also vary depending on where you are in the market, and if you have health issues that are covered by insurance.

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