chinaugmentation|Chin augmentation
is one of the lesser known types of plastic surgery. Most people focus on changing their lips, noses, cheekbones and brow area. The reasons to consider changing your chin may surprise you.

Look Better from Every Angle

Have you ever tried to look at your profile in the mirror? This can be challenging, but if you use a hand mirror and wall mirror, you may notice something about your profile. Look at the proportions of your chin and nose. Aesthetically speaking, facial balance is achieved when these two features are balanced. You should be able to draw a straight line from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your chin. Does your center line work that way, or did you notice that you ended a little off-center on your chin? This may indicate that chin augmentation is a great way to improve your profile.

A Strong Jaw Line

Strong jaw lines are most often considered a masculine feature, but women too should have well-defined jawlines. Chin augmentation not only adds definition to your chin, but it also enhances the jawline and creates natural contours that are either feminine or masculine.

Weak and Receding Chins

Having a weak or receding chin throws off facial balance. Some people with weak chins also have double chins due to the lack of bone structure. Chin augmentation adds shape and size to the chin area so that your facial proportions are in balance.

Your Little Secret

With so many benefits to chin augmentation, it may seem that the change in your lower face area will be obvious to others. Quite the contrary. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, chin augmentation is one of the subtlest enhancements that you can make to your face.

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