Acne scar removal san diegoMany people live with visible scars that are serious enough to affect their happiness and self-esteem. Scars can be the result (and reminder) of a serious accident, illness or years of acne. Whatever the reason, scars can have a profound impact on your life, but you don’t necessarily have to live with them.

Scars aren’t just a cosmetic concern

Most medical experts agree that certain types of scars can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. Since our appearance can play such a major role in how others relate to us, scarring that alters that appearance can definitely affect the quality of life.

Scars in highly visible areas cause the most concern

In fact, research has shown that the majority of patients say they would go to any lengths to minimize their scars. This is particularly true if:

  • Scars are on the face
  • Scars are on younger patients
  • Scars are on those whose jobs require frequent interactions with others

A visible scar can trigger painful memories

Scars can be constant reminders of negative experiences, such as a serious burn, years of teenaged acne or skin cancer. By treating a scar, we can help you overcome certain traumas while also improving your appearance.

The two main types of scars and how to treat them

A scar forms when trauma disrupts the skin’s collagen.

  • Too much collagen causes a raised scar
  • Not enough collagen causes a pitted scar

Raised scars can be improved with steroid injections and/or laser treatments to break down the excess collagen. Pitted scars can be improved with dermal filler injections and/or laser treatments to build up the collagen. The combination of these minimally invasive treatments can often further improve your scar’s appearance. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

Whether you want to approve the appearance of an existing scar or want to plan in advance to minimize the appearance of a scar following surgery, we can determine the right way to help you manage your scar and hopefully, your outlook. Call for an appointment today: (858)-859-2563.