female hair lossMore than 20 million women experience hair loss and thinning, most of them being over 65 years old. Despite what the social norm seems to be, women often suffer more than men. Women most often lose their hair due to hormonal changes, such as what occurs during pregnancy and menopause.  What was once considered a male-dominated issue, is slowly becoming accepted as a problem that affects both men and women. Unfortunately, women who live with hair loss are faced with a lot of misinformation about the condition and hair restoration options.

Myth #1: Men and Women Lose Their Hair in the Same Way

Hair loss in men produces a distinctive pattern of baldness, such as a receding hairline followed by thinning on the crown. However, women tend to lose hair only on the top of the head, resulting in a circular area of thinning hair or a widening part in the hair, gradually getting wider over time.

Myth #2: Hair Loss in Women is Permanent

Because many cases of hair loss in women are associated with fluctuations in hormone levels, the condition may reverse once the hormones are properly managed. This may occur after childbirth or the stages of menopause. Determining the reason for hair thinning in women is an important first step before undergoing hair restoration. If hormones are at play, you may be advised to wait for the hormone levels to balance before proceeding with hair restoration procedures.

Myth #3: Hair Loss Only Happens to Older Women

Hormone imbalances can happen at any stage in life, and so can hair loss in women. We often meet with women who have just had children and are concerned with their thinning hair. It’s important to remember that losing your hair does not just happen with age, but can be triggered by a variety of external and internal factors.

Myth #4: Supplements Can Prevent Hair Loss and Restore Hair Growth

The supplements that you see on the market for hair loss contain biotin, part of the vitamin B complex. Biotin levels do affect hair growth, yet a deficiency in biotin is extremely rare. The best approach to restoring hair is to determine the underlying cause, and if hormones are involved, restore the levels of those specific hormones.

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