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One of the most important aspects of hair transplant surgery is the technique used to obtain the donor grafts.   Hair follicles are typically obtained from the back of the scalp using either a strip harvest technique (FUT) or as individual hair grafts (FUE).

Strip harvesting is the process of removing a 2” x 12” section of scalp from the back of the head.  After removal the strip is sectioned into individual hair follicular units by Dr. Kolstad’s hair transplant team.  FUT hair transplants have been performed for over 30 years with good reliability and success.

A newer technique for obtaining donor grafts is called follicular unit extraction (FUE).  Rather than excising a large strip of hair, FUE extracts donor grafts one at a time.  The most advanced methods include using sophistical machinery to aid in graft extraction.    Automated FUE using the Neograft significantly improves efficiency and can increase the number of donor grafts harvested in a session.

During an FUE procedure extraction sites have a diameter of just 0.8 to 1 millimeters The primary limitation of FUT is the long, damaging scar left on the posterior scalp.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplants

1) A smaller area on the back of the head needs to be shaved for graft removal.

2) Can treat female pattern baldness in fewer sessions than FUE.

3) Can perform larger sessions in the same amount of time compared to FUE.

Advantages of San Diego FUE Hair Transplants

1) No linear scars in the back of the head.

2) Quick recovery.

3) Less invasive.

Who Is A Better Candidate For FUT Hair Transplants

1) Women or men with long hair.

2) A person that had an FUT transplant and already has a linear scar present.

Who Is A Better Candidate For FUE Hair Transplants

1) Men that wear their hair shorter than 3/4″ in the posterior scalp.

2) Anyone looking to avoid a long scar in the back of the head.


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