The youthful cheek is shaped like a heart, projecting furthest at the cheekbone and tapering as it descends towards the lips (red arrows point to a full, youthful outer cheek). A linear highlight along the cheekbone is an important feature of the youthful cheek. A shadow cast underneath the cheekbone can enhance the jawline as well as the midface (orange arrows point to a highlight along the cheek bone and a shadow cast underneath it).

As we age we lose fat in our cheeks and throughout the face. This leads to a deflated appearance, most evident in the midface. The cheek contour begins to resemble a “double bubble” with a projecting cheek bone transitioning into a depression and then another projection lower in the face.

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Nonsurgical facial fat transfer is the ideal solution to restore lost volume to the cheeks and midface. Facial fat transfer can be used to recreate the youthful heart shaped cheek, a linear highlight along the cheekbone and shadow cast underneath (figure 2).facial Fat Transfer San Diego


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