PHOTO GALLERY – Voluma Specials San Diego for Cheek Augmentation


Case #16.

Are you looking for the best filler doctor in the San Diego, La Jolla, and Del Mar areas. Dr. Kolstad specializes in individually tailoring each patient’s facial filler to get the best results. This can include combinations of liquid cheek augmentation, lip filler, tear trough filler, jawline filler, temple volume correction…you name it!

For this patient, Dr. Kolstad performed a cheek augmentation with Voluma to restore her youthful cheek volume. To reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles, Dr Kolstad performed a tear trough correction and liquid eyelift with Restylane.

Image Captions:

1) Voluma Juvederm Restylane Cheek Tear Troughs Undereye Filler Injections Augmentation San Diego La Jolla: Voluma and Restylane can be used to refresh the appearance of the lower eyelids and cheeks.

2) Voluma Juvederm Restylane Cheek Augmentation Filler Undereyes Dark Circles Injections San Diego La Jolla: Voluma was placed into the central cheek to achieve results similar to implants without the downtime of surgery.

3) Voluma Juvederm Restylane Cheek Filler Augmentation Dark Circles Undereye Injections San Diego La Jolla: Voluma added to the central midface and Restylane placed into the tear tough to blend deepset eyes into the cheek.

cheek smile line fillers

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon