PHOTO GALLERY – San Diego Revision Rhinoplasty for Hanging Columella


Case #4.

This patient of  was not happy with the results from his previous rhinoplasty and wanted to see a revision rhinoplasty expert in San Diego to improve the appearance of his nose. He did not like how the tip of his nose drooped and how there was excess nostril show from the side view. It was important to him to achieve natural-looking results that did not look too pinched or feminine.

Revision rhinoplasty is an incredibly challenging procedure and the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego have a strong understanding and extensive experience with advanced nasal reconstruction techniques. Dr. Kolstad is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in male revision nose surgery. He always takes a conservative approach to create a nose that is strong and masculine in appearance, and is never overdone.

During this patient’s revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Kolstad reconstructed his nose using rib cartilage spreader grafts to provide strength and stabilization for his nose. Using the tongue-in-groove technique, he rotated the patient’s drooping tip upwards to a more aesthetic position and corrected the hanging columella.

Image Captions:

1) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 514: Dr. Kolstad used rib cartilage to straighten the bridge and create a more natural contour from top to bottom.

2) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 516: A small bump was fixed at the top of the nose and the drooping nostril was lifted.

3) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 518: Male rhinoplasty should never be overdone.  Small conservative changes can make a dramatic impact.

droopy columella rhinoplasty

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon