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Sometimes It Is Not the Wrong Surgeon, but the Wrong Philosophy. Start With the Right Philosophy.  Revision rhinoplasty is an advanced procedure that requires highly sophisticated training, expert techniques and the hands of a specialist.

Case #8.

This patient had a rhinoplasty surgery several years ago.  She was concerned the results of her first nose surgery.  She felt like she had a bump on the bridge of her nose.  She was concerned that the bridge of her nose was deviated on the front view.   She was concerned that the tip of her nose was asymmetric and looked unnatural.  She had difficulty breathing through her nose.

Dr. Kolstad used rib cartilage to   straighten the bridge of her nose.  The hump was reduced to create a straighter more elegant form.  The nasal tip was rebuilt using rib cartilage to improve the symmetry and restore the breathing.  The tip of the nose was rotated downwards to a more pleasing, feminine angle.

This complex type of revision rhinoplasty typically takes Dr. Kolstad 4-5 hours to complete.


Image Captions:


1) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 100: Not entirely happy with the outcome of your nose surgery?  Revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolstad can reshape your nose creating elegance and balance.

2) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 101: Six weeks after revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to rebuild the nose.

3) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 102: Revision rhinoplasty used to straighten the bridge and  recontour the nasal tip.  The tip of the nose was rotated downwards to a more natural angle and the columella was refined.

4) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 103: A natural, elegant result.

5) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 104: Six weeks after revision rhinoplasty.  Rib cartilage was used to straighten a crooked bridge.

6) Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego 105: Revision surgery can take Dr. Kolstad up to six hours to complete depending on the complexity of the procedure.



Revision Rhinoplasty San Diego

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon