This patient sought out an expert Facial Plastic Surgeon for a revision facelift in San Diego. She was concerned with the excess skin under her chin and the loss of volume in her cheeks and smile lines. She was also concerned with the tired appearance of her lower eyes. Dr. Kolstad performed a revision face lift with facial fat transfer and lower blepharoplasty.

Revision face lifts are more complex due to the presence of scar tissue and require a surgeon with more training and expertise. Using a natural and artistic approach, Dr. Kolstad lifted and tightened the sagging skin under this patient’s chin to create a beautifully sculpted neckline. Combining her facelift with a fat transfer added more structure and definition to her cheeks and restored the volume loss throughout her lower face. This patient also enhanced her facelift with a lower eyelid lift to rejuvenate her eyes.

Every face is unique and Dr. Kolstad creates a personal strategy based on the patients features and concerns.  Midface aging is typically the result of deflation and a facial fat transfer lifts the cheeks and corrects the cheek hollows. The lower eyelid fat bags were removed using the scarless blepharoplasty approach without having to remove loose eyelid skin.

Naturalness is always defined by choosing the right combination of procedures and having an orderly progression from top to bottom.

Image Captions:

1) San Diego Face Lift 521: A lower face and neck lift is the perfect solution to sagging skin under the chin.

2) Facelift Before and After San Diego: Naturalness is created through choosing the right combination of procedures. This patient was treated with a lower face and neck lift to tighten the skin. A facial fat transfer restored the lost volume. A lower eyelid lift completed the transformation.

face neck lift

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon