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Middle Eastern Nasal Tip Refinement Rhinoplasty Before and After

Case #19.

This patient wanted to see a top facial plastic surgeon in San Diego to improve the appearance of his nose. He did not like how the tip of his nose pointed downwards and how his hanging columella caused too much nostril exposure. He also wanted to reduce the prominent hump on the bridge of his nose.

Dr. Kolstad sees many Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients in his practice and understands the importance of customizing each surgery to create natural-looking results that perfectly match their unique ethnic features. By rotating the patient’s droopy nasal tip upwards and correcting the columella ptosis, Dr. Kolstad created a nose that appears less elongated and more refined. The bridge of the nose was carefully contoured to remove the prominent hump and create a straight bridge.

Image Captions:

1) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 0: Middle Eastern rhinoplasty requires a unique strategy to create changes that appear natural and fit the features specific to the patients ethnicity.

2) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 3: Rhinoplasty does not need to be overdone.  Subtle refinements can create elegant changes that are both natural and masculine in appearance.

3) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 4: A straight nasal bridge will create a linear highlight that leads the viewer from the brow to the tip of the nose.

4) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 6: Middle Eastern patients frequently benefit from straightening of the nasal bridge, lifting a drooping nasal tip and correcting a hanging columella.

5) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego 7: A perfectly straight nasal bridge.  The tip of the nose has been slightly rotated up and the nostril droop has been corrected.

drooping tip rhinoplasty before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon