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Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Kolstad’s most common procedures.  San Diego has a diverse community with people from every part of the world.  Many nose job surgeons will have the same rhinoplasty result for every face.  Dr. Kolstad specializes in achieving unique results that match your features as well as your ethnic background.   

Case #17.

This patient felt that her nose drew too much attention. She was concerned about having a larger, more prominent nose. Middle Eastern patients tend to have thicker skin which can cause a nasal appearance that is less-defined and bulbous.
Dr. Kolstad was able to deliver a tailored treatment plan with ethnic rhinoplasty that addressed these concerns while also preserving her Middle Eastern background. The surgical technique included resizing the bridge of her nose to be in balance with her other features. The nasal tip was also elevated which resulted in an elegant appearance. The patient was happy with the results which were natural and tailored to her unique goals.

Image Captions:

1. Dr. Kolstad takes great pride hearing many of his ethnic rhinoplasty patients share how no one realizes that they have had any surgery done. He aims to preserve the patient’s natural appearance while enhancing and refining the nasal features.
2. The patient sought to improve her oversized nose which she felt were not proportionate to her overall facial features. Nasal recontouring improved the appearance of her nose in addition to her overall bone structure and contours.
3. The size of the nose was altered by addressing the tip, bridge, and angle of projection. Dr. Kolstad examines what changes would be most proportionate to your individual facial features.
4. Dr. Kolstad’s Middle Eastern rhinoplasty technique provides meaningful enhancements that also preserve the patient’s unique ethnic features.
5. Dr. Kolstad meticulously sculpts and rasps the dorsal bump and bridge. This removes excess bone and cartilage to improve the patient’s side profile view.
6. A combination of tip support, tip projection, and dorsal augmentation produced natural changes that seamlessly blends with the patient’s facial structure.
7. The results are both natural and consistent in preserving the ethnic features of the Middle Eastern heritage.
8. The results reflect how Dr. Kolstad was able to narrow the bridge, elevate the nasal tip, and refine the tip of the nose without making it look too pinched. These worthwhile changes were able to produce beautiful and most importantly natural results.
Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon