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Find the best rhinoplasty expert that suits your needs. Dr. Kolstad is among the finest ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar area.

Case #15.

The patient was looking to address her cosmetic concerns which focused on the shape of her nose. She was seeking a solution for the noticeable hump on the bridge. She also preferred a refined lifting of the tip of her nose.
Because the nose is such a central feature of the face, small changes were able to make a big impact. Dr. Kolstad was able to reshape the bridge of her nose to create a natural curvature that aligned with her facial features. He also addressed the nasal tip by lifting the nose, resulting in a feminine and elegant appearance. This cosmetic surgery was able to have a great impact on the patient’s appearance and self-confidence 🙂

Image Captions:

1. Dr. Kolstad is an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty which requires special attention to the balance between nasal structures and facial features. He aims to preserve the patient’s Middle Eastern features while also addressing the cosmetic concerns.
2. Common nasal characteristics for patients of Middle Eastern descent is a prominent dorsal bump, a droopy columella, and a crooked nose. Correcting these cosmetic concerns brought balance to the patient’s facial proportions.
3. The patient was concerned about the prominent dorsal bump on the bridge of her nose. Dr. Kolstad addressed his concern by surgically removing excess bone or cartilage then smoothing down the bridge.
4. Through ethnic rhinoplasty bridge reconstruction, Dr. Kolstad reinforces the nasal structure while also refining the nose by improving the contour and nasal definition.
5. The nose is the central feature of the face. Because it is the most prominent, subtle changes to the tip and bridge can go a long way in creating aesthetic enhancements.
6. Dr. Kolstad performed nasal tip reshaping in order to correct the large, bulbous tip. He also meticulously sculpted the bridge to create an improved contour.
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