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Rhinoplasty for men in San Diego is a very common procedure.  Men and women share many of the same goals with rhinoplasty. Fixing a drooping nasal tip or bringing down a hump on the bridge are commonly performed for both men and women. The primary distinction is that men’s rhinoplasty should not be overdone. Shaving down a hump too far can lead to a feminine slope on the profile view.  Lifting the tip too high can feminize the nose as well.  Dr. Kolstad uses rhinoplasty to create a strong nose that is masculine in appearance. The nose is refined, just not too refined.

Case #10.

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his droopy nasal tip. He was bothered by the irregularities in his bridge and lack of a uniform contour.  Dr. Kolstad takes a conservative approach to male rhinoplasty to ensure the results maintain a natural, masculine appearance. By slightly rotating the patient’s droopy nasal tip upwards, he created a more refined and defined nasal tip that retains strong, masculine characteristics.

Image Captions:

1) Male Rhinoplasty San Diego 5: A droopy nasal tip and nostril can be corrected without rotating the tip of the nose upwards to a feminine angle.

2) Male Rhinoplasty San Diego 4: The most important component of male rhinoplasty is to not over do it. A man’s nose can look refined while still maintaining strong, masculine characteristics.

3) Male Rhinoplasty San Diego 1: 12 months after rhinoplasty.

4) Male Rhinoplasty San Diego 9: A refined nasal tip without looking small, pointy or feminine.

mens rhinoplasty

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon