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Rhinoplasty for men in San Diego is a very common procedure.  Men and women share many of the same goals with rhinoplasty. Fixing a drooping nasal tip or bringing down a hump on the bridge are commonly performed for both men and women. The primary distinction is that men’s rhinoplasty should not be overdone. Shaving down a hump too far can lead to a feminine slope on the profile view.  Lifting the tip too high can feminize the nose as well.  Dr. Kolstad uses rhinoplasty to create a strong nose that is masculine in appearance. The nose is refined, just not too refined.

Case #1.

This patient was unhappy with the shape and appearance of his nose. He wanted to straighten his crooked nasal bridge and address his drooping nasal tip. He also had difficulty breathing through his nose.

Utilizing septal cartilage, Dr. Kolstad created spreader grafts to improve breathing and dorsal onlay grafts to add height to the bridge of this patient’s nose. Complex bone remodeling was performed in order to straighten the prominent nasal bridge deviation. The nasal tip was lifted to a more pleasing, yet masculine angle.

Image Captions:

1) Crooked Bridge Rhinoplasty 455: Crooked noses are difficult to fix. Complex bone remodeling and cartilage grafting are required to straighten prominent deviations.

2) Crooked Bridge Rhinoplasty 480: Radix grafting was used to add height to the top of the nose, making it straighter and more masculine.

mens rhinoplasty

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon