Lip Filler San Diego Case #1.

This patient wanted to see a top facial plastic surgeon for beautiful, natural-looking lip injections. She believed her lips were too thin and wanted to see if she was a good candidate for injectable fillers to plump up her lips. It was important to her to achieve perfectly natural results so no one could tell she had anything done. Are you looking for Lip Filler San Diego?  You’ve come to the right place!

Dr. Kolstad is an expert filler injector who specializes in natural, artistic lip augmentation. He always takes a conservative approach and will never create an over-inflated, unnatural “sausage lips” appearance. He offers both temporary lip augmentation using fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane as well as permanent lip augmentation.

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Lip Filler San Diego Image Captions:

1) Lip Filler San Diego: Injectable fillers represent the best option for artistic lip augmentation. The results should look perfectly natural and never appear “done”.

2) La Jolla Del Mar Lip Fillers Nonsurgical Augmentation Best Filler Doctor San Diego Facial Plastic Sugery: Dr. Kolstad offers both temporary (Juvederm, Restylane) and permanent (Silikon 1000) injectables for natural appearing, voluptuous lips.

3) La Jolla Carmel Valley Lip Augmentation Fillers Nonsurgical Juvederm San Diego Restylane Cost Best Doctor: Enhancing the upper and lower lips can also have a dramatic impact on the contours of the chin and nose.

4) Best Lip Filler for people in La Jolla: What you will not find at Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery are over-inflated, unnatural duck lips, balloon lips, sausage lips, or platypus lips.

5) Natural Lip Fillers San Diego Del Mar La Jolla Nonsurgical Natural Lips Top Doctor Facial Plastic Surgery: Natural appearing lip augmentation can be done in the office without discomfort or downtime.

6) Lip Fillers La Jolla San Diego Solana Beach Injectable Filler Juvederm Restylane Expert Injector Cost: Full, natural appearing lips are not just a luxury for the wealthy. Visit our Specials Page for exclusive deals and promotions!

*Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

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