Juvederm San Diego For Smile Lines Case #21.

Dr. Kolstad is one of the best smile line filler injectors in the San Diego and La Jolla area. He specializes in achieving beautiful and natural-looking results. Juvederm San Diego for smile lines before and after’s are presented in the gallery below.

This patient wanted to improve the appearance of her deep smile lines. She believed her prominent nasolabial folds and marionette lines made her face appear tired and prematurely aged. She did not like how the corners of her mouth turned down because it made her appear as though she was constantly conveying negative emotions.

During her consultation, Dr. Kolstad took the time to listen to her concerns and put together a treatment plan that was individually tailored to her goals. He used Juvederm Ultra XC to soften her deep smile lines and lift the corners of her mouth. She looks much more refreshed and rejuvenated after her treatment without looking overdone. Dr. Kolstad places the injectable filler himself.  Check out our galleries for more Juvederm before and after’s!


Image Captions:

1) Juvederm Specials San Diego Nasolabial Folds Marionette Lines Natural Results: Juvederm added to the nasolabial folds and smile lines. This is done in the office and requires no downtime. A more permanent treatment of these areas can be achieved by fat grafting. Lipotransfer is the most natural and longest lasting volumizer available.

2) Juvederm Fillers San Diego Smile Lines Nasolabial Folds Antiaging Melolabial Folds Preventative Treatment: This patient was concerned about the corners of her mouth and the creases developing around her lips. Juvederm was used to soften the smile lines and elevate the corners of her mouth.

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