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Case #31.

As a facial plastic surgeon in the border city of San Diego, many patients seek Dr. Kolstad’s expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Kolstad has an extensive understanding of both nasal anatomy and cultural heritage. When patients discuss ethnic rhinoplasties, Dr. Kolstad explains the common anatomical distinctions such as specific nasal features, width of nostrils, and thickness of the skin. His experience allows him to tailor techniques to deliver successful and natural results.

For this Hispanic rhinoplasty patient, dorsal reduction and tip refinement were her primary aesthetic concerns. Through her discussions and in-office computer enhancements, Dr. Kolstad discussed how a rhinoplasty would be able to add balance to her facial features. He also recommended the surgery to be performed in combination with a chin augmentation. The chin was recessed and smaller on the profile view, so addressing both the chin and nose would improve the proportions of her face.

Image Captions:
1. The patient was seeking the following cosmetic improvements: a narrower base of the nose, a more defined nasal bridge, and an elevated nasal tip. Dr. Kolstad was able to achieve these precise results that appeared harmonious with the patient’s other facial features.
2. This represents how nasal refinements can provide aesthetic improvements. The patient still looks like her natural self but with more enhanced features.
3. Oftentimes, adding projection to the nose would look more in balance by adding projection to the chin. A combination rhinoplasty and chin augmentation was able to improve the patient’s overall dimensions and contours.
4. The patient was seeking to address the drooping tip. Dr. Kolstad’s surgical expertise using cartilage grafting allowed him to provide tip support and projection.
5. By using radix grafting, Dr. Kolstad straightened the bridge of the nose to create a linear and aesthetic appearance.
6. Dr. Kolstad was able to refine the drooping tip, nasal bump and underprojected chin. Most importantly, a Hispanic rhinoplasty is also meant to retain the natural and cultural features without looking “done” or “plastic.”
Hispanic Rhinoplasty San Diego

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon