PHOTO GALLERY – Hispanic Dorsal Hump Removal Rhinoplasty


Case #7.

Rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump is one of Dr. Kolstad’s most requested procedures. Many patients who have a hump on their bridge complain that it draws too much attention and makes their nose appear oversized. This patient wanted to remove her hump so her nose would better complement the size and shape of her face.

Many Hispanic rhinoplasty patients have a prominent dorsal hump that is most visible from the profile view. Removing the hump can lead to a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the nose. This patient preferred a perfectly straight bridge which made her nose appear more feminine and fitting for her face.

Dr. Kolstad’s analytical approach distinguishes himself from other plastic surgeons in San Diego. He believes in customizing each rhinoplasty to create harmony between your nose and the rest of your face. During your consultation, Dr. Kolstad will evaluate the characteristics of your nose in relation to your face shape, skin thickness, height, age, and ethnic background. He will work with you to design a plan to create a nose that will perfectly complement your other facial features.

dorsal hump reduction before after

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