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Case #1.

Many Middle Eastern patients have noses that appear to be elongated and overly prominent. This patient did not like how her columella and nostrils appeared droopy. She felt that it made her nose appear too large for her face and drew unnecessary attention to her nose.

Dr. Kolstad used an open rhinoplasty approach to reshape the patient’s hanging columella, straighten her bridge, and subtly refine her nasal tip. The overall appearance of the nose was dramatically improved after surgery, but still appears natural for her face and in balance with her ethnic facial features.

Dr. Kolstad is a Middle Eastern nose job specialist. While many nose job surgeons recreate the same nose for every face, Dr. Kolstad understands that Middle Eastern noses are different from those of other ethnicities. During your consultation, Dr. Kolstad will take the time to listen to your specific concerns and will work with you to come up with a customized plan to achieve beautiful results that match your goals and ethnic background.

Image Captions:

1) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego  845: Middle Eastern noses typically require refinements to the bridge, tip and columellar area.

2) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego  847: Only two weeks after surgery.

3)Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego  850: Dr. Kolstad’s specializes in natural appearing rhinoplasty results.

4) Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty San Diego  855: Only one month after surgery.  Throughout the year the tip of the nose will continue to refine in shape and contour.

droopy columella rhinoplasty

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