Can Laser Light Stimulate Hair Growth?

We commonly get asked at Kolstad Hair Restoration about laser hair rejuvenation. The short answer is that it’s complicated to increase hair growth with laser stimulation. Specific wavelengths of light have been found to increase cell activity and ATP production. Simply put, the more blood flow to certain tissues in the body, the better those tissues do. Low-level laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment for hair loss.

There are many ways of delivering light therapy, but to be effective, the lasers need to penetrate the surface. Hair follicles are located in the subcuticular layers of the scalp and need to be stimulated directly by laser light. In-salon hoods, head caps, and hand-held or portable devices are available as options for low-level laser therapy.

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How Does Light Therapy Work?

Laser light rejuvenates dying follicles by increasing blood flow and cellular metabolism. With increased oxygenation and nutrition weakened follicles can become reinvigorated. Small hairs can thicken and dying follicles can be saved. However, after the hair follicle has died, only a hair transplant can grow hair in those areas of baldness.

The use of low-level laser therapy has been shown to increase scalp coverage without the use of hair transplant or medications. To maximize the benefits of laser therapy many hair transplant experts will combine treatment using minoxidil shampoos or topical creams. Microneedling and PRP are supplemental treatments that can enhance laser hair restoration.

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Benefits and Limitations of Laser Light Therapy


Low level laser therapy is safe for both men and women

No adverse effects have been reported

It is clean and painless


Repeat treatments are required for optimal results

Treatments and devices can be expensive

There is no promise of results


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