PHOTO GALLERY – Forehead Botox in San Diego for Men


Case #22.

Men are generally more shy about receiving aesthetic treatments, but why? When Botox is performed by a top doctor or expert injector like Dr Kolstad, the results can be natural without obvious signs you’ve ever had something done.

This patient was concerned about the deep creases in between the brows, the glabella and the wrinkles forming across the forehead. After evaluation, Dr Kolstad decided to use a combination of both Botox and Juvederm to smooth the appearance of the wrinkles to yield a natural result.

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Image Captions:

1) Botox Juvederm Filler Glabella Frown Wrinkles Best Doctor Plastic Surgeon San Diego Del Mar La Jolla: Botox was used to soften the creases of the brow and glabella. Juvederm was applied at the same time to fill in the deep furrows.

2) Best Botox Doctor Juvedem Fillers Facial Plastic Surgeon Top Injector San Diego La Jolla Del Mar: The brow creases can be softened without creating a surprised or unnatural appearance.

3) Brotox Botox Juvederm Fillers Wrinkles Best Doctor San Diego La Jolla Del Mar: A natural result.

botox forehead before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon