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Case #24.

This patient was concerned with the appearance of her nose. She did not like how her droopy tip and nostrils made her nose appear too large for her face and caused too much nostril exposure from the side view. Her main goal for rhinoplasty was to refine her nose so it was more fitting for her nose and the rest of her face.

A hanging columella (skin between the nostrils) is often the cause of a droopy tip and nostrils. The columella can be corrected during rhinoplasty to enhance the appearance of the lower part of the nasal tip. During this patient’s surgery, Dr. Kolstad reshaped the columella to make the nose appear more feminine and refined.

Rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Kolstad’s most common procedures and he has many years of experience correcting columella deformities for patients of Hispanic descent. If you are interested in Hispanic rhinoplasty in San Diego, contact us today to set up a consultation!

Image Captions:

1) Mexican Rhinoplasty San Diego 1:  Two months after  rhinoplasty

2) Mexican Rhinoplasty San Diego 2:  The bridge of the nose is now perfectly straight.  The nasal tip is slightly pushed back and lifted upwards in a more feminine angle.  There is less nostril shadowing.  And most important, a very natural result.

3) Mexican Rhinoplasty San Diego 3:  The bridge of the nose should seamlessly transition into the nasal tip with an oblique line.  Deprojecting and lifting the tip will improve the shape of the nostril creating a triangular shadow instead of a kidney bean shape.

4) Mexican Rhinoplasty San Diego 4:  Most people have a very elegant profile only 2 weeks after surgery.

droopy columella rhinoplasty

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