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Case #8.

This patient wanted to see the one of the best nose surgeon in San Diego to enhance the appearance of her nose. She did not like how her nose appeared too large for her face and drew attention away from her other beautiful facial features. She was particularly concerned with how her hanging columella made her nose look too heavy from the front view. She also disliked how there was prominent nostril exposure from the side view. She wanted a nose surgery to refine her nasal tip and improve the balance between her nose and the rest of her face.

Using an open rhinoplasty approach, Dr. Kolstad reshaped this patient’s nose to make it appear less prominent and bring it into harmony with the rest of her face. Correcting a droopy columella is challenging and requires a skilled and detail-oriented surgeon. Dr. Kolstad used advanced rhinoplasty techniques to reshape this patient’s prominent columella and create a more refined, feminine tip.

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Image Captions:

1) Rhinoplasty San Diego 205: Reshaping the nose can rebalance the entire face. Taking the attention off of the nose can unlock the beauty within the eyes.

2) Rhinoplasty San Diego 206: A very elegant, natural result.

3) Rhinoplasty San Diego 207: Many surgeons ignore the columella (nostril droop) because it can be difficult to correct. Dr. Kolstad uses special techniques to reconstruct prominent columellar ptosis.

4) Rhinoplasty San Diego 209: After reconstructing the columellar ptosis the tip of the nose appears tighter and more compact.

droopy columella rhinoplasty

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