PHOTO GALLERY – Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty La Jolla


Case #1.

This patient wanted a rhinoplasty to improve her nasal tip. She did not like its rounded, bulbous shape and its prominent projection from her face. She felt like her nasal tip was out of proportion with her narrow bridge and drew attention away from her other facial features.

Dr. Kolstad has extensive expertise and experience with surgically correcting bulbous tips. Special rhinoplasty techniques were used to reshape this patient’s large rounded tip to create a smaller, more feminine shape that is more fitting for this patient’s nose and face. Dr. Kolstad always takes a conservative approach to correcting nasal tips to achieve natural results that never look “overdone” or “plastic”.

Image Captions:

1) San Diego Rhinoplasty 41: Two weeks after nasal tip rhinoplasty.

2) San Diego Rhinoplasty 43: Nasal tip rhinoplasty is an ideal procedure for people who already have a perfectly straight and narrow nasal bridge.

3) San Diego Rhinoplasty 45: Rhinoplasty does not need to be overdone. Subtle changes of 2-3 mm can preserve the natural beauty of the nose and create elegance in the nasal tip.

4) San Diego Rhinoplasty 46: Two weeks after nasal tip rhinoplasty.

wide tip rhinoplasty before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon