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Case #13.

This San Diego nose job patient wanted to reshape her overly prominent columella (tissue between her nostrils). She did not like how her columella appeared to hang down from her nasal tip because it drew unwanted attention to her nose.

Dr. Kolstad used an open rhinoplasty approach to improve the appearance of her nose. Using the tongue-in-groove technique, he repositioned and reshaped the columellar cartilage to correct the hanging columella deformity. A nostril reduction was performed to decrease the width of her nostrils and improve the overall harmony of her lower nose.

Dr. Kolstad is one of the best nose job surgeons in San Diego and Hispanic rhinoplasty is one of his most common procedures. He specializes in achieving beautiful results that are in balance with his patients’ unique ethnic features and backgrounds.

Image Captions:

1) Hispanic Rhinoplasty San Diego 564: Different ethnicities require different rhinoplasty strategies. Dr. Kolstad will customize your surgery to match your features making sure it fits your ethnicity.

2) Best Rhinoplasty San Diego 756: Dr. Kolstad used crushed rib cartilage (DCG) to add height to the bridge. The tip of the nose was pushed outwards to add projection. Did you know the nose could be made bigger and more beautiful at the same time?

droopy columella rhinoplasty

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon