Best Lip Injections San Diego Case #3.

Are you looking for the best lip injections San Diego? This patient wanted to improve the size and shape of her lips. She felt like her lips were too thin and wanted to use injectable fillers to make them bigger. She decided to see Dr. Kolstad because he is an expert lip filler injector and specializes in achieving beautiful, natural results.

Injectable fillers are the best option for artistic lip augmentation. Dr. Kolstad believes that the results should look perfectly natural and never appear “plastic” or overdone. A skilled lip injector can make the lips bigger and more beautiful without anyone knowing that the patient had anything done. The best way to evaluate you provider is by viewing their before and after images.  Lip augmentation is a very artistic procedure and every provider has their own vision for beauty.  Dr. Kolstad performs many lip injections a week and has tons of before and after’s to view.  Dr. Kolstad’s preferred filler is called Vollure.

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*Individual patient experiences and results may vary.


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