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Case #45.

Do you want bigger and fuller lips? Are you interested in nonsurgical lip augmentation in La Jolla? Contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kolstad, who is considered one of the best lip filler injectors in La Jolla. He is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon whose entire practice is devoted to the rejuvenation of the head and neck. He has advanced training in injectable filler techniques and lip fillers is his most popular injectable treatment in his La Jolla facial plastic surgery office. 

This patient was looking for a natural lip enhancement in La Jolla. She wanted to add subtle volume to create bigger, fuller lips but did not want anyone to know she had any plastic surgery done. During her consultation with Dr. Kolstad, she discussed her concerns and her goals regarding lip fillers. Dr. Kolstad performed a thorough assessment of her features and skin type, and then worked with her to select the right filler and volume for her lips. After her treatment, this La Jolla plastic surgery patient’s lips look more beautiful and full while retaining balance with the rest of her features. Her side profile is dramatically improved without the lips projecting too far out and looking unnatural. 

*Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

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Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon