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Case #65.

This patient wanted to see a lip injection specialist in La Jolla to improve the size and shape of her lips. She felt insecure about her thin upper and lower lips and felt that they were asymmetric. She wanted to know if she was a good candidate for lip augmentation in La Jolla to achieve a more feminine size and shape to her lips. 

During her consultation, Dr. Kolstad discussed different temporary and permanent lip filler options to address her specific concerns and she decided that she wanted a permanent lip enhancement. Dr. Kolstad only offers permanent lip augmentation with Si1000 after first creating a template for the lips using a temporary hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm or Restylane.

Once the patient was pleased with the improvements to the shape and volume of her lips using the temporary lip filler, Dr. Kolstad began the permanent lip filler treatment series. The Si1000 was injected in small quantities to the lips over a series of several treatments. Dr. Kolstad believes in taking a conservative approach to permanent lip augmentation to achieve beautiful, long-lasting lip volume that does not look overdone or overfilled. 

If you are interested in learning more about Si1000 treatments for permanent lip augmentation and permanent lip filler cost, call our office today to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kolstad. 

Image Captions:

1) Permanent Lip Fillers La Jolla San Diego Del Mar Si1000 Top Filler Injector Facial Rejuvenation Natural Long Lasting: Lip augmentation using Si1000. A natural result is created over a series of treatments to achieve the desired long-lasting volume.

2) Permanent Lip Augmentation Si1000 San Diego La Jolla Rancho Santa Fe Top Filler Injector Best Doctor: Dr. Kolstad only offer Si 1000 after creating a template for lip augmentation using a traditional gel filler.

*Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

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