PHOTO GALLERY – Asian Rhinoplasty San Diego to Reshape a Wide Tip


Case #22.

This Asian patient wanted a rhinoplasty in San Diego to improve the appearance of her nasal tip. She did not like how her tip appeared excessively wide and prominent from the front view. It was important to her to refine the tip of her nose in a natural-looking way that balances her nose with the rest of her face.

During her rhinoplasty, Dr. Kolstad used a combination of complex rhinoplasty strategies and techniques to reshape the tip of her nose. Using septal cartilage, Dr. Kolstad created nasal tip grafts to add structure and definition to the tip of her nose. He also performed an alar base reduction to reduce the width of her nostrils and improve the overall appearance of her nasal tip.

Dr. Kolstad is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego and he has extensive experience with Asian rhinoplasty. While many rhinoplasty surgeons will replicate the same results for every face, Dr. Kolstad understands that Asian noses are different from those of other ethnicities. He specializes in achieving natural and beautiful results that retain the features unique to each patient’s ethnic background. If you are interested in learning more about Asian rhinoplasty in San Diego, please contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kolstad.

* Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

Image Captions:

1) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 200: Dr. Kolstad has many patients of Asian descent seeking rhinoplasty.  In this patient the bridge of the nose was narrowed to a more feminine contour.  The nasal tip was reshaped using a combination of base reduction and tip refinement.

2) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 201: A very natural, elegant result.

3) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 202: By reshaping the nose rhinoplasty can be rebalance the entire face.

4) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 205: To achieve the most natural result Dr. Kolstad frequently reshapes the nose from top to bottom.  In this patient narrowing of the bridge was combined with alar base reduction and tip refinement.

wide tip rhinoplasty before after

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon