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Asian noses come in all shapes and sizes and Dr. Kolstad will customize an outcome to meet your features and your goals.  Depending on your features you may require adding height to the bridge using either rib cartilage or a silastic implant.

The tip of the nose can be pushed further out using cartilage from the ear or the septum.  Dr. Kolstad does not use “L” shaped implants due to risks of implant extrusion and nasal tip  scarring.

Case #21.

The patient felt that her nose was too wide and without definition.  During her rhinoplasty consultation multiple methods and techniques were discussed to achieve her goals.  She decided to pursue an implant to increase the height of the bridge of her nose.  The nasal tip was reshaped using cartilage from her septum.  The nostrils and alar base were made less wide.

* Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

Image Captions:


1) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 200: Dr. Kolstad has many patients of Asian descent seeking rhinoplasty.  In this patient the bridge of the nose was narrowed to a more feminine contour.  The nasal tip was reshaped using a combination of base reduction and tip refinement.

2) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 201: A very natural, elegant result.

3) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 202: By reshaping the nose rhinoplasty can be rebalance the entire face.

4) San Diego Asian Rhinoplasty 205: To achieve the most natural result Dr. Kolstad frequently reshapes the nose from top to bottom.  In this patient narrowing of the bridge was combined with alar base reduction and tip refinement.

Asian Facial Plastic Surgery

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