Asian Facelift San Diego

Asian Facelift San Diego Case #28.

Are you looking for an Asian Facelift San Diego?  This patient did not like the appearance of the loose skin in her lower face and neck. She was also concerned with the loss of volume throughout her face caused by aging. Her primary concern was to achieve a natural result that makes her appear refreshed and rejuvenated without looking “overly done”. During her consultation Dr. Kolstad recommended a lower face and neck lift to address the sagging muscles and loose skin in the neck.  The jowls were lift to sculpt her jawline.  Midface hollowing and cheek deflation were treated using a facial fat transfer.  Fat is liposuctioned from the lower extremities and used to fill cheek hollows, temples and other facial hollows.

A combination of a facelift and facial fat transfer was the ideal treatment to lift and tighten this patient’s sagging jowls and neck skin to accentuate her beautiful neckline. Dr. Kolstad’s conservative approach to facial fat transfer resulted in a natural-looking volume correction to this patient’s midface area, drawing attention to the youthful contour of her cheeks. Facial fat transfers typically add 15 – 30 mLs of volume to the needed areas of the face.

Image Captions:

1) Asian Facelift San Diego 1: A lower lift is designed to raise the corners of the mouth and the shadows that are cast beneath them. Facial fat transfer rejuvenates the cheeks and midface.

2) Face lift for Asians California 2: A face and neck lift is the best procedure to tighten the loose skin in the jowl, neck, an underneath the chin.

3) Asian Facelift California 3: Dr. Kolstad prefers a natural look and accomplishes this goal by never pulling too tight. The loose skin in the neck can be re-draped without the “face in a wind tunnel” appearance.

4) Asian Facelift San Diego 4: Natural in appearance. Never pulled too tightly or overdone.

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Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon