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Case #52.

For many Asians face lift surgery required special attention to the cheeks, midface and nasolabial folds.  This patient complained of deflating and loss of cheek volume.  Dr. Kolstad lifted her jowls and loose neck skin with a full lower face and neck lift.  During the procedure facial fat grafting was performed to add volume to her cheeks and midface restoring their youthful appearance.

* Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

Image Captions:


1) Asian Facelift San Diego 1: A lower lift is designed to raise the corners of the mouth and the shadows that are cast beneath them.  Facial fat transfer rejuvenates the cheeks and midface.

2) Asian Facelift San Diego 2: A face and neck lift is the best procedure to tighten the loose skin in the jowl, neck and underneath the chin.

3) Asian Facelift San Diego 3: Dr. Kolstad prefers a natural look and accomplishes this goal by never pulling too tight.   The loose skin in the neck can be redraped without the “face in a wind tunnel” appearance.

4) Asian Facelift San Diego 4: Natural in appearance.  Never pulled to tightly or overdone.

Asian Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon