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Case #58.

Many patients have small chins due to lack of mandibular development.  A recessed chin can make the cheeks look too wide creating a rounded appearance.  This patient was treated with an implant to augment the chin creating a beautiful jawline.  The cheeks were brought in to balance and the lower third of the face was made more proportionate.

* Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

Image Captions:


1) Chin Augmentation San Diego 91: A properly fitted chin implant can rebalance the entire face.  It can add angularity to the cheeks and reshape jaw line.

2) Chin Augmentation San Diego 92: Reshaping the chin can also create a beautiful neckline on the side and oblique views.

3) Chin Augmentation San Diego 96: By lengthening the chin the width of the cheeks is de-emphasized.  This creates a more slender height to width ratio for the entire face.

4) Chin Augmentation San Diego 94: Chin implants come in all shapes and sizes, you get to choose the one that best meets your goals.

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Dr. Kolstad – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon