Help! I had a bad hair transplant!

Hair plugs, hair rotation flaps, bad hairlines, bad strip scars, no results, no follow-ups, are just a few of the many things that can go wrong during hair transplant surgery.  The most important question every potential patient needs to answer is who is performing the surgery.  If you had a bad outcome after hair transplant [...]

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How Long Do Hair Transplant Surgeries Take?

On the day of your hair restoration you should plan for six to eight hours to complete the surgery, typically from 7:30 AM to 5 PM. You will be awake throughout the procedure and Dr. Kolstad will prescribe Valium and oral pain medicines for comfort. The day begins by marking the areas where the grafts [...]

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What Type of Hair Transplant Is Best For Me?

One of the most important aspects of hair transplant surgery is the technique used to obtain the donor grafts.   Hair follicles are typically obtained from the back of the scalp using either a strip harvest technique (FUT) or as individual hair grafts (FUE). Strip harvesting is the process of removing a 2” x 12” section [...]

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How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

One of the first questions we get asked at Kolstad Hair Restoration is about the cost of a hair transplant.   The procedure fees are calculated based on the type of transplant, the length of time required and complexity of the procedure. For men and women looking to treat androgenic alopecia our most common hair transplant [...]

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How Can I Find the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

One of the most important aspects of hair restoration is choosing the right surgeon. With the greater acceptance of hair transplant surgery, finding a qualified provider is easier than ever. It is important to do your homework as choosing right surgeon can be as rewarding as choosing the wrong surgeon can be disastrous. An important [...]

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What Are Hair Flaps?

The first procedures used to create a hairline were large rotational flaps.  Lamont’s double temporoparietal flap, the occipital flap and the Juri flap represent historical attempts to cover areas of baldness using hair bearing scalp. Hair flaps created a very unnatural hairline and have little value when compared to state-of-the-art micrografting techniques.  Hair flaps can lead [...]

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What Are Hair Plugs?

Hair restoration has evolved significantly from it’s earliest attempts to treat male pattern baldness.  Round grafts represent the earliest form of hair transplants using grafting techniques.  Round grafts are groupings of 10-30 hairs placed using punch biopsies in the scalp.  Multiple hair punches created the characteristic “pluggy” pattern of thick hair groups surrounding by areas [...]

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